Series Ekoflux S

Flanged balancing valve

The valves in the series EKOFLUX balance the flow in main circuits or single sections of heating or conditioning plants.
They allow correcting irregularities in the supply of the single users (irregularities which might cause noise and damage the components of the plant) and, as a result, improve environmental comfort and optimize energy consumption.

They perform shut-off and measuring functions.
The continuous presetting function allows controlling the loss of pressure and of the flow rate.
They can be installed indifferently on the supply piping and on the return piping.
It also allows the transmission of the delivery pressure to the DPCV pressure regulator.

DN 50 has F/F threaded end.
In order to be installed between flanges it could be equipped with add-on flanges, suitable for PN 16 and ANSI 150 flanges.


  • Electronic instrument for measuring the differential pressure, flow rate and balancing of the circuit
  • Pressure gauge probe adaptor
brandonivalves_regulation_balancing valves_Acc_instrument measurement_EkofluxS-EkofluxD-EkofluxM copia.png Pressure gauge probe adaptor Orifice plate
Fitting and test plug kit Extended test plug Test plug

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