In this section, you can find many useful information and follow-up regarding valves, in order to help you choosing the right model.


Generally, Brandoni codes are composed of: name of the series, type of material, dimension of diameter, type of control, type of connection and type of sea.
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Sometimes it is not easy to understand which material is indicated with chemicals. With this document, you can choose the right one.

Head losses in valves are concentrated losses of head, function of flow-rate and they are represented in diagrams.
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How to convert Pressure, Temperature, Length, Area, Volume, Density, Mass, Force, Weight, Torque, Energy and Power measurements.
​Thanks to the PDF charts, you can convert easily unit of measurements for your projects.

Flanges dimensions are according to EN1092-1 and ANSI 150 B16.5.

In PDF charts, dimensions of diameters, holes and bolts for every DN are indicated.

Metallic and plastic materials have different names.

With materials charts it is possible to recognize a material thanks to a code.

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