Series J9000

GJL 250 Wafer butterfly valve

The shut-off wafer butterfly valves in Series J9 are equipped with a centred disc and wafer type body, and are made of cast iron, manufactured in accordance with severe product norms and in conformity to EN ISO 9001.
These valves are suitable for heating and conditioning (HVAC), water treatment and water distribution, industrial applications, agricultural purposes.
(Please ensure the choice of the corresponding item) YES: for in line installation with frequent actuation; the integrated support, in accordance with ISO 5211, allows easy mounting of a wide range of actuators and drives.
They are suitable for choking and regulating the flow.
NO: for steam.

Accessories Actuators

  • Extension for main water system connection
  • Position indicator and padlocking for gear box
  • Micro-switch for gear box
  • Kit: micro-switches for ON/OFF position indicator
  • Double acting and single acting pneumatic actuators
  • On request: micro-switches, position indicators
  • Electric actuators
  • Gear box
  • Chain driven control
Gear box Pneumatic actuator Electric actuator
Limit switch Position indicator Chain driver
Stem extension Limit switches kit

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