Series F15

Flanged direct acting, pressure reducing valves with piston

The flanged, direct acting, pressure reducing valves, with piston, in the series F15 are suitable for reducing and controlling the pressure.
They are made of ductile iron, with an epoxy coating suitable for drinking water.

Reduces and stabilizes the high upstream pressure into a lower downstream pressure regardless of flow rate and upstream pressure fluctuations.
They are available in PN 10 – 16, PN 25, PN 40 and for 2 regulation ranges of the outlet pressure.
Flanged version DN 50 ‐ 150.

YES: for water.

The pressure reducing valve is used to: > Supply a low pressure network from a high pressure network > Protect a delicate section of a plant or device > In sanitary networks, to keep the pressure level under a maximum value > In compressed air circuits, to keep the pressure constant, independently of any variation caused by compressors > Downstream of tanks or accumulation basins, to reduce and stabilize the pressure of the distribution network.

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