Series 20.900-21.900

Soft seated gate valve

The valves in series 20.900/21.900 are soft seated gate valves, made of ductile iron, manufactured in accordance with severe product norms and relevant norms, and in conformity to EN ISO 9001; They are available in the following versions: 20.900> flat body (reduced face to face) 21.900> oval body (long pattern face to face) These valves are suitable for heating and conditioning (HVAC), water treatment and water distribution, waste water, industrial applications, agricultural purposes.

Also available with NBR coated soft seat (20.901); suitable for sewage.
(Please ensure the choice of the corresponding item) They allow the fitting of an ISO 5210 adaptor kit for a wide range of actuators to be fitted.

NO: for steam, for chocking and regulation of the flow.
Not suitable for fluids containing oils and hydrocarbons.


  • Square cap for water main system connection
  • Stem extension
  • Kit: ISO 5210 flange for mounting actuators (only Series 20.900 DN40-300)
  • ON/OFF position indicator on request with limit switches (only Series 20.900 DN40-300) Actuators
  • Electric actuators
Electric actuator Square cap Kit ISO 5211
Position indicator Stem extension

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