Series 04.1

Three-way diverter flanged cast iron ball valve

The valves in the 04.1 series are three-way, diverter ball valves made of cast iron, with floating ball, manufactured in accordance with the most severe product standards and the quality management of ISO 9001. They are available in the following versions:

T4 > with “T”-shape flanges (90°)

Y4 > with “Y”-shape flanges (120°)

In all positions, the three way valve guarantees the connection to the atmosphere or to a security pipe, with progressive distribution (TRANSFLOW); for this reason, while one line is closed, the other two lines will be fully open, and as a result, any incorrect alignment resulting in the choking of the bore of one of the lines will lead to the bore of the others being increased.

Suitable for heating and conditioning (HVAC), district heating, distribution and treatment of water, industrial applications, agricultural applications, for compressed air processing, oils and hydrocarbons. (Please ensure the choice of the corresponding item)

YES: for installation in line and end of line, for services with frequent actuation, suitable for installing a wide range of actuators.

NO: for steam, for choking and regulation of the flow.


  • Lever with extension for thermal insulation
  • Kit ISO 5211 flange for installation of actuators


  • Double acting and single acting pneumatic actuators
  • Electric actuators
Pneumatic actuator Electric actuator Lever with extension
Kit ISO 5211

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